Easy Custom T-Shirt with Cricut Patterned Iron On

Hooray! Cricut has just released patterned iron on and my little customizing everything heart couldn't be happier! Today I'm going to share some tips and tricks for creating an easy custom t-shirt in just a few steps with the new Cricut Patterned Iron On. {FTC Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cricut and contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission. #ad #CricutStrongBond #CricutMade #Cricut}

love honor and old bay tshirt

We're moving to Maryland in six days. I should be packing, calling utility companies, taking care of work deadlines...but instead? I'm making t-shirts! This shirt is a play on the old "love honor and obey" wedding vows...since the Army is moving us to Maryland and of course I would follow Don anywhere!


Easy Custom T-Shirt with Cricut Patterned Iron On

Cricut Maker (but this project could be created with any Cricut machine) with Design Space
EasyPress Mat or towel
White Iron-On Lite
Filigree Blue Iron-On Sampler
Brayer (optional)

If you haven't laid your eyes on the new Cricut Patterned Iron On get yourself on over to cricut.com immediately! There are currently nine sampler packs available - everything from florals to watercolors to bolds and more. The packs come with three 12"x17" sheets (one of each pattern). I love that you don't have to buy a whole roll of one pattern - these samplers allow you to create a bunch of different projects from one pack. Onesies, tote bags, throw pillows, t-shirts - this is a game changer!


Select your project in Design Space (for any of you crab lovers I share this t-shirt design here) and size to fit your shirt.

I cut my letters with White Iron-On Lite and my crab with one of the Filigree Blue Iron-On samples. Don't forget to put your iron on shiny side DOWN and mirror your image before you cut. TIP: I use the Cricut Brayer to give the iron on a strong grip to the mat - ESPECIALLY when I am using one of my older mats!

Once you've cut your images peel off the excess material.

Place the Cricut EasyPress Mat (if you haven't gotten your hands on this yet it is AMAZING) on your work surface then lay your t-shirt over it and place your iron ons.

easypress mat

Use the EasyPress recommended settings chart on cricut.com to set the temperature and timer based on the material you are using, and get to pressing! (Note: I used two different temperatures - one for the Iron On Lite and one for the Patterned Iron On.)

Cricut has added a TON of information to the settings chart, including whether to do a warm peel (peel off the backing immediately) or a cold peel (let the iron on cool before peeling off the backing). It also now has two separate charts for those who are using the EasyPress Mat and those who are using a towel. I can already tell a huge difference with my projects!

patterned iron on

And just like that - a custom t-shirt! This Patterned Iron On from Cricut is going to change the way you create. I can't wait for you to give it a try!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Personalized Door Hangers and How to Hang Them

how to personalize (and hang) door hangers - Kingston Crafts

Do you love those paint and wine nights? Door hanger paint parties? I do - but here's a little secret. I HATE my handwriting. So when they say "now just write (your last name, some cute phrase, whatever)" I just go refill my wine and snacks and wait for everyone else to be finished. I always tell the host "I'll just finish it at home" - but I NEVER did. 

Then I figured out how to put iron-on on wood with my Cricut Maker! Along with a little help from my EasyPress and BrightPad I can create personalized door hangers in no time, I am actually USING the door hangers I create, and I am no longer lying to these poor host-y people which means I'll be invited back for more wine. ;)

{FTC disclaimer: I received some of these products for free but was not compensated for writing this post. This post contains affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

cricut iron on

Cut your iron-on on your Maker (or any other Cricut machine) - don't forget to mirror the image and put the shiny side on the mat!

I used my BrightPad to help me weed the image, black is usually hard for me to "see through" but the BrightPad makes it so easy!


Lay the iron-on on your wood surface - in my case a snowman door hanger. 

easypress in action

I put a towel down because I wasn't sure about applying heat to something that was painted - but it worked like a dream! Creating a project that is bigger than your EasyPress surface? Just heat the project in sections.

peel off backing

Peel off the backing and voila! A personalized door hanger! Now that you've made it - how will you hang it? I've been using this trick for years and it works on wreaths just as well as it does on door hangers - and it doesn't ruin your door!

What you'll need: 3M Command Hooks - Large, fishing line and scissors

Hang the hook UPSIDE DOWN on the back of your door. Add fishing line to door hanger, bring up over the top of the door, tie to Command Hook and cut off excess.

wood snowman

This is totally gonna be my new thing. I did it for my Fall acorn door hanger too but was too lazy to tell you all about it. Ha!


And finally - a little "behind the scenes" with my two biggest helpers. 

bizzy bee and baloo

DIY Valentine's Day Garland


I wanna be that cool chick who decorates my mantel for every holiday - but Valentine's Day always had me stumped. Until I came across some heart shaped cards from Michaels! I grabbed a few packs, turned on my Cricut Maker, and in less than 15 minutes I had a DIY Valentine's Day garland that I'm proud to display! {FTC disclaimer: I received the Cricut for free but this post is mine all mine! This post contains affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

I'm also thrilled to be joining 43 other makers to celebrate Valentine's Day with some DIY projects - I'm sharing all of them at the end of this post so be prepared to be inspired!

Recollections Heart Cards and Envelopes from Michaels
Cricut machine - I used the Maker but this could be done with any of the Explore machines as well!
Xyron Mega Runner
white glitter cardstock (not pictured)
foam dots (not pictured)


Open the card and lay the twine across the fold.

Use your Mega Runner to apply some adhesive at the top of the heart and at the bottom.

Fold the card closed.

Cut your XO images from glitter cardstock. I used this file in Design Space.

Add foam tape to the back of each letter and adhere.


And voila! Need more inspiration? Check out all these great project ideas!

DIY Pom Pom Garland


A few days ago on my IG stories I was giving myself a shout out for finding some fabulous deals at TJMaxx - including a faux fur pom pom garland.


Originally $36 - I thought I got a screaming deal at $24.99. UNTIL...I found snowballs in the Dollar Spot at Target and decided to create my own! Hot diggety! 

Pom Pom Garland-3.jpg

snowballs from Target
"rope-y" ribbon (I bought gold and silver at Hobby Lobby but they had a few other colors too)
hot glue gun

Lay "rope" out on your workspace. Apply hot glue and add pom pom.

Once glue has hardened flip pom pom over and add additional glue to hold it to the rope. Repeat until you have a garland full!

Pom Pom Garland-29.jpg

Add to your tree and feel smug the rest of the holiday season! :) Merry Christmas everybody!


Quick Christmas Coaster Garland

Coaster Garland-44.jpg

With your Xyron Creative Station and some $1 coasters (thanks Target Dollar Spot!) you can create this fun and festive garland in just a few minutes! {FTC disclaimer: I received some of this product free of charge. This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

disposable coasters
Xyron Creative Station or Creative Station Lite

Coaster Garland-3.jpg

Separate the coasters in to two piles. Run one pile through your Xyron machine and remove the clear film.

Take the second pile of coasters and lay them pattern side down on your work surface.

Lay the twine across the center of the coasters (leaving a "tail" on each end), then peel the adhesive coasters from the Xyron backing one at a time and match/adhere them to the non-adhesive coasters.

Hang and enjoy! This would also be a fun and easy project to do with the kids!

Coaster Garland-17.jpg

Holiday Sandwich Board Welcome Sign

Want to create a fun and festive welcome for your guests this season? Create a sandwich board! We used an old shoe store mirror (repainted with Rust-Oleum Universal Pure Gold spray paint) but you can create one with foam core, wood, or whatever tickles your fancy - then get out your Cricut and some vinyl and get your craft on! {FTC disclaimer - I received some of these products free of charge. This blog post also contains affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

Cricut Maker or Explore Air
We wish you a Merry Christmas image in Cricut Design Space
Cricut Vinyl - we used white
Cricut 12x24 mat
sandwich board

I started with this Merry Christmas image from the Love SVG Season to Sparkle cartridge (one of my FAVORITES!!):

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 1.19.56 PM.png

Then added the rest of the phrase using the VeryBerry font (can be downloaded from multiple places online), welded the words, attached the entire image and I was ready to go!

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 1.29.14 PM.png

Creating the sandwich board was so easy - we found this old shoe store mirror at an auction and got it for less than $10. We covered the mirror on both sides, spray painted the entire piece, let dry, then removed the paper and cleaned the mirrors off before adding the vinyl. So easy and fun!

Mirror Stand-Before.jpg
Mirror Stand-painted.jpg
Mirror Stand-Final.jpg

Love your Cricut and love Christmas? Check out these other fun projects:

How to Assemble Intricate Layered Die Cuts with Xyron

Xyron Christmas Card-44.jpg

You already know I am a HUGE Cricut fan. Their Make It Now projects make it so easy to put together fun and intricate creations with just the click of a button. But what do you do once you've cut out all the pieces? Xyron to the rescue! {FTC disclaimer: I have received these products free of charge. This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

Xyron Christmas Card-6.jpg

Cricut Maker or Explore Air
Happy Holidays Christmas Card Make It Now project
Assorted patterned papers/cardstock scraps
Xyron Mega Runner
Xyron 1.5" Sticker Maker

Once you've cut your project on your Cricut, select all of your small die cuts and run them through the Xyron Sticker Maker.

Xyron Christmas Card-14.jpg

Use your Xyron Mega Runner to create the base of the card. The beauty of the Mega Runner is that is uses a dot matrix adhesive which means the adhesive only sticks to the paper. It is PERFECT for intricate die cuts!

Assemble your card and voila! Who knew intricate could be so easy?

Xyron Christmas Card-44.jpg

Check out these other fun holiday projects you can create with your Xyron tools!

Just How Easy is the Cricut EasyPress?

just how easy.png

I have been a part of the Cricut family for a little over three years, and every time assignments came around I crossed my fingers they didn't ask me to do something with iron-on because...


Irons and I are not friends. Never have been. First - I can't iron a shirt to save my life. Second - I had heard SO many stories of people who spent all this time and energy creating iron-on projects and then they fell off the first time they were washed, so...no thanks.

So when I was invited to the Cricut Maker Launch event in Utah this summer and the EasyPress was also released - I was skeptical. So what better way to prove something to myself than to try it out LIVE in front of thousands of people?? :) I gathered all of the questions I'd been hearing from customers and grabbed up two of my Cricut friends and we took over the hotel lobby for a hands on demo! NOTE - you may have to turn up the volume on your computer...we had to be quieter than normal because there were other people around! :)

{FTC disclaimer: I received this product free of charge but the opinions expressed in this blog post are mine all mine!}

Since then I have made over a dozen iron-on projects and applied them with my EasyPress. My all time favorite? The Wii Bowling Team t-shirts I made for my Mom (the tall lady) and her friends. These iron ons were SO intricate and have so many small pieces, and after several months of washing they are still going strong.


So what makes the EasyPress so special? For me it is three things:

Large Heat Surface - The heat surface of the EasyPress is approximately 9x9, which is MUCH larger than a standard iron. You can cover a larger surface much more quickly.

Setting Specific Temperatures and Times - There is almost no way to "guess" what temperature most standard irons are set to. Every iron-on material has individual setting requirements and the EasyPress allows you to set your temperature like you would set the temperature in your oven - with just the press of a button! Cricut includes a temperature guide with the EasyPress and it can also be found here.

Set Time and temp_0.PNG

Consistent Heat - A typical iron surface can vary by as much as 200 degrees, which means iron-on projects can't get consistent heat (and why they fall off after washing). The EasyPress only varies by about 10 degrees, so you know you are getting consistency across your project. Another time saver!

iron temps.png

So if you've been an iron-on skeptic - REJOICE!!!! Now we too can make all the cute t-shirts and gift ideas and home decor pieces with your Cricut EasyPress - I can't wait for you to give it a try!

What ELSE can you do with your Cricut EasyPress? How about ironing on WOOD? Check it out!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Quilt Square Swap for Beginners with Cricut Maker


I have ALWAYS wanted to be a quilter. ALWAYS. I have two treasured quilts of my own and think it is one of the most generous and personal gifts you can give, something that can be passed down through generations. Buuuuuuuuut...cutting out all the shapes? No thanks. 

Until the Cricut Maker came along! Now - thanks to the Maker - cutting quilting blocks is SO DANG EASY! So easy in fact that I started a beginner's quilting group on Facebook and hosted a quilt square exchange that was a TON of fun. Today I'm going to share how you can host your own! {FTC disclaimer - this is a sponsored post from Cricut but the opinions are mine all mine! This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

PICKING THE PROJECT - Obviously you want to all be following the same project, and you want it to be EASY. We made the smallest size (crib quilt) just so it would be manageable for everyone, and we picked this fun pattern from Diary of a Quilter. It was colorful, it was geared for beginners, and it only required a basic shape (square) which was easy for beginners to cut on their Makers.

Five-Dime-baby-quilt-free-tutorial (1).jpg

PICKING DEADLINES - Pick a deadline to receive the squares and a deadline to mail them out and stick to it! That keeps everyone accountable and also helps whoever is organizing the swap. You don't want to keep the rest of the group waiting if someone is late with their squares.

PICKING THE FABRIC - This is the fun part! We set a few parameters but really wanted people to be able to pick fabric they loved (or use what was in their stash). Because I was working with a large group I assigned color by last name (see below) but if you are working with a smaller group and/or people you are all familiar with you could have people sign up for their color preference. This is what I shared to the group:

WHAT COLOR TO SEND. Rather than trying to keep track of who is sending what color – we are going to assign colors based on LAST name. **note – if you have a stack of fabric you already own that you REALLY want to send for the swap just shoot me a PM and we’ll talk about it!**
As you are choosing your fabric please keep the original quilt in mind. We are looking for bright, cheerful colors (in many cases pastel works too) – but no neon or dark colors please! ALSO – please no “themed” fabric (baby, holiday, pet, etc).

If your last name starts with A-C – please choose RED fabric.
If your last name starts with D-H – please choose PINK fabric.
If your last name starts with I-M – please choose YELLOW fabric
If your last name starts with N-S – please choose GREEN fabric.
If your last name starts with T-Z – please choose BLUE fabric.

Be sure to pick a SPECIFIC type of fabric - we picked 100% cotton. It is easy to find (all mass craft stores sell it) and is generally clearly marked on the fabric bolts when you are at the store. 

We also allowed/encouraged people to pick different patterns for their small and large squares - variety is the spice of life after all!

A quick note - be prepared that no matter how many directions you give/guidance you provide, there may be one or two people who choose fabric that is completely off the mark, cut incorrectly, etc. You have to make your own decisions about how to handle - in my case I just used some extra squares I had on hand to swap out for the "off color" squares, and I returned the incorrectly cut squares to the participant with an invitation to participate in a later swap. 


PREPPING THE FABRIC - This was THE BIG question (since I am new to fabric/quiltling I had NO idea how much of a big deal this would be!)...to prewash or not to prewash? We decided NOT to prewash...because it required too many other questions/requirements. Does temperature matter? What about fabric softener? etc. Also when you cut fabric directly from the store it isn't wrinkled (like it can be once you wash it) so we didn't have to worry about getting wrinkly squares.

Since we were not pre-washing a few folks voiced concerns about the colors running when they washed the finished quilt – so I included a sheet of Shout Color Catcher in everyone’s return package. See shipping charges below - the extra few pennies more than covered the cost of the Color Catcher sheet.

CUTTING THE FABRIC - This is what I had always dreaded, the thing that had kept me from even thinking about starting a quilting project. It is SO much fun on the Maker! 

 Simply go in to Design Space and select shapes, then select square.

Simply go in to Design Space and select shapes, then select square.

 Size the square per the project requirements. For this project it was 7.5" squares and 5" squares.

Size the square per the project requirements. For this project it was 7.5" squares and 5" squares.

 You can fit three (3) 7.5" squares on a 12x24 mat - be sure to change the mat size!

You can fit three (3) 7.5" squares on a 12x24 mat - be sure to change the mat size!

 You can fit eight (8) 5" squares on a 12x24 mat!

You can fit eight (8) 5" squares on a 12x24 mat!

There are two MUST HAVES if you are going to be using fabric with the Maker - the 12x24 fabric mat (the pink one) and the brayer. You can get so much more cut with the 12x24 fabric mat, and the brayer is so so so helpful for making sure the fabric lays flat on the mat, even after multiple mat uses!

SHIPPING SQUARES TO YOU - Be VERY specific about what to send. Our quilt required 18 large squares and 17 small squares, so this is what I shared to the group:

WHAT TO SEND: 18 squares of 7.5 x 7.5 fabric and 17 squares of 5x5 fabric (see below for what color to send), plus $7 to cover return shipping. All squares will be returned to you via priority mail (hence the $7) so we can track them.

I charged $7 per person for the swap. This covered the charge of priority mail shipping (so I could send everyone a tracking number) with a few cents left over to cover the cost of the Color Catcher.

Because I was working with a large group of people I didn't know, I had them PM me for my mailing address. That served two purposes - it didn't spread my address all over the internet, and it helped me keep track of who was sending in their squares so I could keep my eyes out for them.

SORTING AND SHIPPING SWAP SQUARES: I waited until I had all of the squares to start sorting. I made two piles for each participant (one big and one small) and just started sorting! It was really fun to see the colors and patterns come together!

quilt square piles.jpg

I packed each pile in a ziploc bag (gallon size for 7.5" squares, quart size for 5" squares, snack size for Color Catcher) and mailed them all in flat rate priority mail envelopes. It was the perfect fit! I sent each person their tracking number and just like that - the swap was over. Now to make the quilt! HA!

My favorite part has been seeing the reaction when people receive their squares - and one participant has already finished the top! I am in awe!

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 11.42.49 AM.png

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.