Introducing the NEW Xyron Creative Station!

I spent a few days at Xyron last week filming some videos/photos for this beauty...the NEW Xyron Creative Station!  And they let me take one home!  Why do I love it? What makes it new and exciting?  Lemme tell ya!

How about the sleek new design?  It is thinner, lighter, easier to transport, and comes with a fold down handle for easier storage.

How about the fact that you can use BOTH the Xyron 5" and 9" Creative Station refills? This machine uses the refills that are currently available on the market -  no need to buy new refills if you've already got a stash at home!

Want to see this baby in action?  I put together this quick little video to show you how it works.  Before you watch it let me remind you that we are moving across the country this week.  We literally did this video between the time we woke up this morning and the time the packers gentle.  :)  I was just SO excited for you to see how cool this new Creative Station is!

The new Xyron Creative Station is available on and at most mass craft stores. MSRP is $79.99.  If you've got any questions post here and I'll be happy to give you a shout back in between trying to stay out of the way of the movers and soaking in every last minute of being in Washington.  ;)  Thanks everybody!