Dollar Tree Pumpkin Makeover

Looking for a little last minute (and inexpensive) Fall home decor? Grab a few of these Dollar Tree pumpkins and some leftover cans of spray paint and let's do this! {FTC disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which means I might make a little money if you buy something.}

Dollar Tree pumpkins
spray paint
painter's tape
metal washers (optional)

Remove tags from pumpkins and cover stems with painter's tape.

Use spray paint to cover pumpkins in assorted colors. Warning - the gold paint (two different brands - I have a LOT of gold spray paint) seemed to eat away at the can see if you look closely at the final photos. The non-gold colors worked like a dream!

Let dry and remove painter's tape. If placing the pumpkins outside glue a metal washer to the bottom of each pumpkin to give it some weight.

Add to your Fall display and enjoy!  Note: these have been sitting out on our front porch for over a week - it has rained the past two days and they still look fab!