Shelf Liner Paper - It Ain't Just for Kitchens Any More!

We love storage - and we love cheap.  So when we came across this bookcase for $5 at our local Goodwill we snatched it up without any real plan...until I re-arranged my studio and realized I needed more room for my stuff!

This bookcase had been well loved, so Don sprayed a few coats of Krylon on the exterior of the bookcase and on the underside of the top and permanent shelf. I used a foam brush and some acrylic craft paint to cover the edges of the bookcase and the shelves.  DO NOT WORRY if you get paint inside the bookcase (like I did) - everything will be covered with shelf liner paper.

Our local home stores did not have a great selection of shelf liner, so I ordered mine from Amazon.  I ordered two 2-packs and went through about three and a half rolls.

A few tips...

Make sure you get liner paper that is wider than the sides of your bookcase.  Because we could do the sides in one piece the only place we had worry about lining up the pattern was on the back "wall" of the bookcase.

Make sure you line up your liner paper to the top and far back edges of your project (above) and work your way down and to the front at an angle (below).  If you make a mistake it is MUCH easier to fiddle with "filling in the gaps" along the bottom of your project - and they are more likely to be covered by "stuff" once you start filling the bookcase.

Get a squeegee.   I used one I had lying around in my studio, but they can also be found at most craft and home stores.  This will be a life saver - especially along the edges and corners.

When working on the shelves - line up your liner paper along one end of the shelf and hang over both sides. Pull backing straight across the shelf and smooth liner with your hand as you pull.  Use a craft knife to cut away the excess from the sides.

And voila!  This project took us less than a day (painting included - we did it outside and it dried quickly) and added a fun pop of color to my studio.

And because you know we like to keep it is a typical "in action" Kingston shot.  I'm wearing a hat because I hadn't showered, the room is in total chaos and Bizzy Bee is never more than five feet from me.  Ahhhh...craftiness.

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