Cornucopia Place Card Holders

This post first appeared over at HSN's The Buzz where I am a contributor. Add that extra handmade touch to your Thanksgiving table, by making your own Cornucopia Place Card Holders!

Cornucopia Place Card Holders.jpg

Make your Thanksgiving table a little more special with these custom cornucopia place card holders using a few craft supplies and some items you have around the house.


These cornucopia place cards holders are so easy to make and can easily be customized to fit your Thanksgiving table. Plus, this project is a great way to use up those scraps of craft supplies that you may have laying around! {FTC Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission on purchases without any cost to you.}



1. Cut a toilet paper tube in half the long way.

cutting the tube.jpg

2. Apply hot glue to one inside edge of the tube and overlap one end until you have formed a cone shape.

hot glue tube.jpg

3. Use a small piece of aluminum foil to create a “tail” and insert it in to the skinny end of the tube.


4. Apply hot glue along the top of the tube then roll the burlap until it covers the tube.

hot glue with burlap.jpg

 5. Secure the other end with hot glue.

hot glue gun burlap finish.jpg

 6. Cut some of the excess burlap from the open end of the tube, then add hot glue around the inside of the tube and tuck in the burlap ends.

trim excess burlap.jpg
hot glue excess burlap.jpg
tuck in burlap.jpg

 7. Shape the aluminum foil end of the tube until it curves up to form the cornucopia shape.

curve end of tube.jpg

 8. Add felt leaf embellishments to the cornucopia and the place card with hot glue. The leaves could be cut with any die cutting machine – I used the Cricut Maker.

Adding Leaves 853.jpg

 9. Adhere the place card to the center of the cornucopia with hot glue.

tablesetting 853.jpg

What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and the people who will be gathered around your holiday table. Fill with candy to make a fun take home party favor!

staub pot open 853.jpg

Looking for the wow factor? This gorgeous Staub Pumpkin Cocotte is not only a stunning focal point of your centerpiece, you can leave it on your stove top to add a special touch to your kitchen all season long!

Now, if Cornucopia Place Card Holders are just not enough for your Thanksgiving table, then check out my Create Custom Home Decor with Cricut Adhesive Foil!

Custom Home Decor.jpg

Cricut Craft Cart from Origami

This post first appeared over at HSN's The Buzz where I am a contributor. Who wouldn't love to be a little more organized AND look cute? If you are new to Cricut, or are a long time user but need to organize your supplies, then this Cricut Craft Cart from Origami is gonna rock your world.

cricut craft cart from origami.jpg

I love Cricut supplies. There. I said it. I usually have them spread all over my craft room but when I laid my eyes on this Origami cart I knew it would be perfect for creating my own Cricut Craft Cart. I couldn't believe how beautifully everything fit! {FTC Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission on purchases without any cost to you.}


You could use this cart for sewing storage, office supplies, toys, the possibilities are endless! I loved this one so much I bought a second and created a gift wrapping station!



The cart was so easy to assemble – it took me less than five minutes and everything I needed was in the box when it arrived.

1. Remove cart from the box. The cart is so sturdy when it is put together, but is remarkably lightweight!

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

2. Add the wheels to the base of the cart using the little tool that comes included.

3. Pull the sides apart.

4. Press down on the base until it flattens. Go ahead – use your foot. The shelves are made of metal!

5. Lift the edge of the shelf and swing in to place.

6. Add the shelves and then insert the tabs to hold the shelves in to place.

Origami Craft Cart Organizer - Kingston Crafts

And voila! You’re ready to get organized!

The cart has six drawers and two shelves, which means I had lots of room to store not only supplies, but tools too! It has freed up a ton of space in my craft room and keeps all of my Cricut supplies in one spot which saves me a ton of time when I am ready to work on projects.

The sturdy top shelf is the perfect fit for my Cricut Maker, and the wheels mean I can leave the cart against the wall when I’m not using it, and then easily pull it away from the wall when I’m ready to work.

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

Of course I can’t craft without my cardstock! I took my some of favorite organization supplies - these Totally Tiffany Storage Boxes - and turned them on their side for compact and easy to access paper storage.

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

My favorite place to shop is my house! Had this mug in my kitchen and it was exactly what I needed to store my pens. Looks pretty darn cute too!

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

I can’t be the only one who can’t keep track of cords and instruction manuals – so I used the top drawer to hold the cords and instructions to all of my Cricut machines and tools. I even had room to store my BrightPad along with it.

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

The next three drawers now hold a ton of my supplies. All that specialty material I had store a bunch of different places? Now tucked away neatly in a drawer. My vinyl and iron on? The rolls fit perfectly!

If you haven’t already heard, Cricut’s newest machine (the Maker) cuts fabric! This is where I was really struggling. I had no idea how or where to store it but couldn’t stop buying it – I mean…it is all so cute! Thanks to the two deep drawers at the bottom of the cart not only was I able to organize and store my fabric stash, I could also fit my EasyPress so I have it at the ready.

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts


Origami Gift Wrapping Station

Create Custom Party Favors with the New Cricut Maker Bundle on HSN

Hang on to your hats because there is a new Cricut Maker bundle premiering on HSN July 11th! With an exclusive rose gold color and ALL of the adaptive tools this just made my heart go pitter patter, so I grabbed my Knife Blade and Scoring Wheel bundles and created these easy custom party favors perfect for any occasion.

custom party favors

Custom Party Favors with the Cricut Maker

Already have a Cricut Maker? On July 11th HSN will premiere a Scoring Wheel bundle and a Knife Blade bundle for those of us who already have a machine and are ready to take the next step in our creativity. I used the embossed foil papers and metallic gold leather to create these party favors, and I am loving the results! Custom leather initials and custom box sizes and shapes? Yes please! {FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase.}


  • Cricut Maker (exclusive Rose Gold bundle on HSN)
  • Design Space project
  • Pink and White Foil Embossed Paper (from the Scoring Wheel bundle)
  • Gold Metallic Leather (from the Knife Blade bundle)
  • Single Scoring Wheel
  • Knife Blade
  • Fine Point Blade
  • Strong Grip Mat
  • Light Grip Mat
  • ribbon


1. Select "customize" when you open the project in Design Space, This will allow you to change the size of the box and select the initials you want to use. 

create custom party favors

2. Hide the initials by clicking on the eye next to the images in the box. This will allow you to cut multiple boxes.

create custom party favors

3. Lay your embossed paper face down on the light grip mat and select mirror image in the mat screen.

create custom party favors

4. Insert Single Scoring Wheel (it has 01 on the tip) and follow the instructions on the screen.

create custom party favors

5. Once the Maker is done scoring, you will be prompted to switch out the Scoring Wheel with the Fine Point Blade.

create custom party favors

6. Once you've switched out the blade, complete the cutting process, then repeat for as many boxes as you need.

7. When you are ready to begin cutting your initials, replace the Fine Point Blade with the Knife Blade.

8. Hide the box image in Design Space and unhide the initials, then change them if desired.

9. Place the leather shiny side down on the Strong Grip mat and select mirror image in the mat screen. NOTE - you MUST cut one inch off of the leather so it will fit under the star rollers.

10. Select 4-5 oz Tooling Leather as your material in Design Space (the setting for Metallic Leather currently still defaults to the deep cut blade).

11. Cut the letters and remove them from the mat.

custom party favors

12. Fold the box edges in at the score marks.

12. Thread ribbon through the holes in the box and pull taut - that will close the box.

create custom party favors

13. Tie the ribbon in a knot, then thread the ribbon through the leather letter and tie in a bow.

create custom party favors

I hope you'll join us on July 11th on HSN for a day filled with gorgeous projects, great deals, and tons of fun! I'll be taking over Cricut's Instagram Stories to show you what it's like behind the scenes as we get ready for the big launch - come hang out with me and get in on the fun!


If you already own the Cricut Maker you know that the creative possibilities are endless. From the thousands of images available in Design Space to the hundreds of different materials it can cut, your imagination is the only limitation. Now with the Knife Blade you can add even more materials - including thick chipboard, balsa wood and mat board. Think of the project possibilities!

The Scoring Wheel gives you extra deep, clear scores on a variety of materials so you can create everything from custom gift boxes to three dimensional art. It will take your paper crafting to a whole new level!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

24 Hour Craft Day on HSN - October 3rd!


HSN 24 Hour Craft Day is HERE!!! Tune in starting at midnight Eastern October 3rd for 24 hours of crafty goodness, including the Cricut Maker Bundle that everyone has been waiting for - Anna Griffin will be launching it at midnight! I've got some AMAZING new holiday products from Diamond Press to share and much much more...I hope you'll join me at 8am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm and 11pm for some crafty goodness and lots of laughs! {FTC Disclaimer - this post contains affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

 The Cricut Maker bundle is $399 and comes with TONS of freebies AND has an Auto-Ship option!

The Cricut Maker bundle is $399 and comes with TONS of freebies AND has an Auto-Ship option!

 The Xyron 5" Creative Station bundle comes with $50 worth of adhesive refills and the machine...all for $39.95! The machine by itself costs $50!

The Xyron 5" Creative Station bundle comes with $50 worth of adhesive refills and the machine...all for $39.95! The machine by itself costs $50!

 The NEW Diamond Press Holiday bundle is so so good! You can order it with the machine (above) or without (below) - and Diamond Press has new machine colors for the season! GAAAAAHHH!!!

The NEW Diamond Press Holiday bundle is so so good! You can order it with the machine (above) or without (below) - and Diamond Press has new machine colors for the season! GAAAAAHHH!!!

 These Diamond Press Nestable Tag Dies are PERFECT for your gift giving this season!

These Diamond Press Nestable Tag Dies are PERFECT for your gift giving this season!

 These Nestable Word Frame Dies are SO intricate and incredible - you won't believe how easy they are to use!

These Nestable Word Frame Dies are SO intricate and incredible - you won't believe how easy they are to use!

 The Diamond Press Border Dies always sell like hotcakes - and we've got a special holiday set just for you!

The Diamond Press Border Dies always sell like hotcakes - and we've got a special holiday set just for you!

Letterboards? For $29.95?? Yes please! Urban House has vertical and horizontal boards in white and blue - and they have THE cutest holiday images and gold letters available as well!

I hope you'll tune in and join us - we've got a great day of crafting ahead!

Great Deals on Craft Items at HSN!


Hey gang! I'm heading to HSN on Friday (if that darn Irma steers clear) for some craft hours on HSN's sister station - HSN2! Wanted to give you a sneak peek and a chance to grab them first...quantities on some of these goodies are super limited! Even better news - if you scroll down to the bottom of this post I've copied a note from HSN - you can get $5 shipping on almost all of your crafty items in September! I also did a Facebook Live to show you all of the products "in person" and have shared that at the bottom of of this post. {FTC disclaimer - this post contains affiliate links so I may make a little money if you buy something.}

A 48 pack of WOW glitter and tinsel??? Yes please!! For $29.95 that is less than .65 per bottle - just in time for your holiday projects. You get 35 fine glitters, 6 chunky glitters and 7 tinsel glitters. So good!

Letterboards are SO popular right now (but are hard to get your hands on)...and you can get this Heidi Swapp 12x15 letterboard AND a set of 1" black letters AND a set of 2" black letters for $50.95. That is a screaming deal! ORRRRRR...for just $6 more you can get a 16x20 letterboard with gold letters! They've also got some fun Party Words/Icons and a Pink Letters/Words bundle that would be perfect for your craft room!

Speaking of Heidi - she'll help you get a kick start on being more organized with these undated planners available in striped and gold! These normally retail for $35 and are on HSN for $19.95 - I don't know about you but i could use a little list making/calendar keeping as the holidays get here - since these don't have dates you can start today!

Ummmm...40 ROLLS of coordinating Heidi Swapp Washi Tape for $19.95????? This was a definite yes for me. Each package has different widths and patterns - and did I mention that each package also has two rolls of glitter washi? Yay!

This Knock Outs holiday punch set from American Crafts retails for almost $50 - and HSN has it for $16.95! It has its own carrying case for easy storage, PERFECT for your card making and decorating this Christmas. Love it!

Last but not least...100 sheets of BAZZILL cardstock for $16.95. I REPEAT!!!!! 100 sheets!!! For $16.95!! We all know how expensive Bazzill cardstock is (at LEAST .40-.60 per sheet) and it is such great quality - this has got to be the best deal of the day. We ALL need cardstock!

Ok...below is the blurb about saving on shipping. I did a practice run and put everything in to my cart, then when I clicked "checkout" the shipping had already been reduced to $5. Perfect! Happy shopping my friends...and I hope to see you on Friday!

Limited Time Offer:
*excludes sewing, irons, and clearance
On 9/1/17-9/30/17 only pay $5.00 in standard shipping and handling charges for your Craft purchases in one day, and you will not have to pay any further standard shipping and handling charges on any additional Craft items you purchase that same day and have shipped to the same address. Offer may be combined with a non-shipping and handling coupon. Each item ordered requiring air shipment will be charged an additional fee. Offer pertains to purchases initiated on or via HSNtv. To qualify for this standard shipping and handling discount, all purchases must be made on either HSNtv or TV and online orders cannot be combined. Offer excludes Clearance, all sewing machines, sewing accessories and tools, irons, steamers and steam presses. We authorize the full amount (including S&H and tax) for each item at the time of purchase as you shop today before any discounts are applied. These charges will be adjusted with your financial institution at midnight on day of purchase. HSN reserves the right to change or terminate this offer at any time. Offer starts 9/1/17 at 12:01am (ET) and ends 9/30/17 at 11:59 pm (ET).

Introducing the Cricut BrightPad!

Meet the newest member of the Cricut family! The new Cricut BrightPad will change the way you create. Do you hate weeding? Resist doing more complicated projects because it is too hard/time consuming to weed? Wait until you see what the Cricut BrightPad can do! I created a Facebook Live video to show you first hand how easy it is to use and what a difference it makes! {FTC Disclaimer: I received this product to review, but the opinions are mine all mine! This post also contains affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

Head on over to the Cricut Blog for a tutorial on how I created the mirror and a link to the project in Design Space!

The BrightPad is $79.99 and comes in four colors - Mint, Rose, Blue and Lilac. No charcoal - even though you can see it in the photo - ha! The Mint BrightPad is available at a variety of places including, JoAnnMichaels and HSN. The Rose, Blue and Lilac colors are more difficult to find so if you see one snap it up!

If you love Cricut products check out my review of the Cricut EasyPress!

FREE Easter Printables and How to Adhere Them (as seen on HSN)!

If you've seen me on HSN recently you know how much I love printables. They are everywhere and everything these days - and with just a pair of scissors and some Xyron adhesive it is SO easy to create fun and fast projects for the holidays. BUT...there are lots of printables that aren't free, or require you to sign over your first child to be able to access. Who has time for that? So I've compiled a list of free, fun and easy to access printables from around the interwebs just in time for Easter. You'll find the links to each project below - and I've saved these (and a bunch of other fun ideas) on my Easter and Spring Pinterest board for even more inspiration!

Not familiar with printables? They are downloadable images (or sheets of images) that you print out on your computer, cut or punch out, then add to your projects. Today is the day you're gonna get hooked! :)

All of these are projects I've put together on HSN - check out the end of the blog post and I'll tell you which Xyron adhesive I used for which project. And if you live in the local Bowling Green, KY area I'll be sharing a few of these projects on WBKO at Midday on Thursday!

Tip - for the bunny bubble gum DO NOT download the image, simply go to the 2nd page and click on the picture of the printables and you can print them out that way.

 Some Bunny Loves You Tags from Reasons to Skip the Housework

Some Bunny Loves You Tags from Reasons to Skip the Housework

For the bunny bubble gum, daffodil cups, butterfly favors and easter bunny tin (I used a paper cup instead of a tin) I used the Xyron Mega Runner. This work horse is a staple in our house - I have one in my craft room and one in our kitchen! It comes with 100' of dot matrix adhesive and is perfect for small projects like these.

xyron mega runner

For the treat bag toppers, paper tulips and the some bunny loves you tags (which I put on packages of Peeps) I used the Xyron Creative Station Lite. This beauty turns anything up to 5" wide in to a sticker! It has a million uses and a variety of refills available and I use it

For the Hershey's Kiss bottoms I used the one and only 1.5" Sticker Maker! This is probably the Xyron tool most people are familiar with. It also turns everything in to a sticker (up to 1.5" across) and is AMAZING for kids crafts, tiny embellishments, ribbon and SO MUCH MORE. Love this so hard!

Already got a Xyron machine but don't know how to use it? Or looking for tips and tricks and project ideas? The Xyron YouTube Channel has TONS of videos to help you make the most of your tools. Enjoy - and Happy Easter!

How about even more free printables??

See Your Projects on HSN! Submission Opportunity

Do you see all those beautiful projects on HSN and wonder how they were selected? Have you ever wanted to see your own projects on air? Well...Xyron is looking for some fresh new projects for my HSN displays and THEY WANT YOU! For the first time ever Xyron is allowing their friends and fans to submit projects to be purchased for and featured on HSN - and I've got all the information you need to submit your projects for consideration.

A variety of projects from cards to home decor to party projects to gift ideas and more. If you've made it with Xyron, we want to see it! We are NOT currently looking for any holiday projects - but baby, wedding, birthday or other "themed" projects would be welcome.

This is open to US residents ONLY. Sorry international folks - as much as we'd love to include you the cost and time to receive items from overseas just won't work for our timeline/budget.

Please send all submissions to

Information for each project must include: type of project (card, layout, home decor piece, etc), general size of the project (is it a 2x3 gift tag or is it a 12" piece of wall decor, etc), a photo of the project (at least 150kb), and what price you would charge to sell it to Xyron. If your project is posted to a blog/website you are welcome to include a link, but that is not required.

We would love to share ALL of the projects on our Xyron Facebook page and/or other social media so everyone can see your talent! We will create a project album to post on FB at the end of April/early May - if you do NOT want your project to be included please tell us when you submit your email.

You can include multiple projects per email but you cannot have multiple projects per photo. For example - if you are submitting six cards you must take six individudal photos, you cannot send one photo with six cards in it.

There is no limit to the number of projects/emails you can submit.

You do NOT have to create new projects. You are welcome to submit projects you've already done. This is a great way to make some space in your craft room if you've got too many finished projects sitting around!  :)

When pricing your project do not include shipping costs. We will reimburse you for shipping costs on top of the project cost.

You WILL receive a confirmation that we have received your email - but it will not be automatic. It will be within 24 hours of receipt.

Deadline to submit emails is Monday, April 10th. Those selected will be notified by email on or before April 13th.

If selected, you will be provided with information about how/where to ship your items, and you will be paid via PayPal once your projects are received. You MUST be willing/able to accept PayPal as your payment method. All projects received will become property of Xyron to do with as they choose and payment does not guarantee that your projects will be shown on air.

If you'd like to get a better idea of how we display projects on HSN go to the Xyron home page on HSN, select any item, and look beneath the large photo for a video that says "live presentation". You'll see my smiling face in action and also get an idea of how the projects are featured on air.

Please feel free to post here if you have any questions. We can't wait to see what you've created!

Totally Tiffany Metal Maid Companion Cart

My fabulous friend Totally Tiffany knows I have been redoing my studio, and she also knows my studio colors are white and teal - so she sent me THE MOST amazing surprise in the mail last week and I can't wait to show it to you!

And now I give you my very first "unboxing" video! You will notice two things. One - Don did 95% of the work. I was fiddling around with the inserts and next thing I knew it was done! Two - giant dogs are SUPER helpful when you are trying to assemble things in a small space. {FTC Disclaimer - I received this product for free, but with no agreement to review or promote it. It's called a gift! This blog post is mine all mine!}

Besides being easy to put together (even with help from Baloo) here are a few other things I've discovered about it now that I've had it in my studio for a few days.

It is very light when it is empty...which means even filled up I can lift it and move it around with ease. This will be PERFECT for me to take to crops - I can just roll it out to the car, load it up, and roll it right in to the event. 

I had been seriously eyeballing one of those IKEA carts that everybody has - but my girlfriend told me that sometimes it is hard to get stuff out of the lower shelves. In this cart the shelves slide in and out like a dresser, so I can easily get to what I want and even just take out the whole shelf and put it up on my work area if I want to.

This cart is also a little bit shorter than some of the other organization carts I've seen - so it fits perfectly under my desk if I need to get it out of the way.

While the color is perfect for my studio - it takes spray paint like a dream! Tiffany is painting hers gold and sent me an "in process" photo.

So grab one for all your organization needs - you can find them on! Here are a few of our other favorite organization hacks!

Recap of Anna Griffin Create

For the second year in a row I was so ridiculously lucky to teach at Anna Griffin's Create - an exclusive, special, elegant crafting event unlike anything else in the industry. There are probably other recaps/reviews out there...but I feel PRETTY sure that there are no "I was a teacher/I am a huge Anna fan/I also like wine" reviews out there - so here we go!

The opening night dinner was everything you'd imagine an Anna event to be. Gorgeous decorations, flowers everywhere, little gifts for each attendee and much more. 

Place setting.jpg

Anna had a full program planned for the evening but that went out the window when Bill Brand, the President of HSN, showed up to surprise her! The whole thing was orchestrated by Shivan Sarna and was so much fun - Anna is almost impossible to surprise!

Now is where I admit that Amber (of Damask Love) and I had NO idea Bill Brand was coming or that he was sitting at our table until AFTER we had each had a martini and a glass or two of wine AND agreed to get up on stage in front of everyone and play a game (which was why we were drinking so much wine). Soooo...there you go.

The game was a craft version of $25,000 Pyramid where Amber and I had to describe craft products to our partners for a chance for them to win prizes. Amber and I are VERY competitive and both naturally very LOUD people - there was the whole drinking thing AND they gave us microphones AND we both felt a lot of pressure to win for our partners - so it was pretty spectacular. And by spectacular I mean a LOT of yelling and gesticulating and bouncing up and down in our seats and insulting each other (with love). Don yelling "Don't shame the family" just as my timer started certainly fueled my victory - but for all I know he was talking to Amber. ;)

I was lucky enough to teach a Cricut class again this year - and the attendees were just as fabulous as I remembered! Teaching classes is absolutely my favorite part of my job, and even when things didn't go QUITE as planned (like when the internet to our classroom went out for several hours and - you know - the ENTIRE CLASS is based on being on the internet) everyone was patient, happy to be there, and a joy to be around. When the internet WAS working we made some kick ass projects - including a gold wreath and monogrammed glass coasters!

Don is making me post this photo to show you that I am just as messy when I'm teaching as I am when I am in the green room at HSN. I am telling you - at home I am NOT like this!! I swear!!

Thinking of attending Create next year? Want to see more fabulous photos? Anna's got a special Create Facebook page filled with great slideshows of events throughout the weekend. There are so many things I haven't even touched on - the make and takes, the goodie bags, the craft room, the tour of Anna's offices (and the warehouse sale), but every year I come back for the same reason. The people. Mothers and daughters, neighbors, crafting friends meeting for the first time in real life, there are so many wonderful stories and so many kind and caring people - I keep coming back year after year because the weekend reminds me of what a wonderful industry this is and how lucky I am to be a part of it. I hope you will join us!