10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut

This post first appeared on Cricut’s blog where I'm a contributor. With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve got 10 last minute projects you can make with the help of your Cricut machine!

10 last minute Halloween Projects with Cricut

Halloween is in TWO WEEKS! How did that happen? I know I can’t be the only one running around making last minute preparations so today I’ve got ten last minute Cricut projects that are going to make you the hit of the neighborhood this Halloween. Many of these projects can be made on both the Explore machines and the Maker machine so let’s get crafty!


Mantel looking a little bare? In just ten minutes you can create this gorgeous boo banner from Frog Prince Paperie.

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts

Who has time for carving pumpkins at the last minute? This no-carve project from Sweet Rose Studio can be color coordinated for any theme and can be made again next year!

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts

 If you haven’t tried Cricut Window Cling it is PERFECT for last minute décor ideas – easy on, easy off! Check out these spider web window clings from Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts

These DIY felt masks from Tastefully Frugal are not only a quick and easy solution for Halloween, they are great for play time all year round!

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts

 These faux spider earrings from Hey Let’s Make Stuff would be a cool accessory for your costume, but would also be fun to wear to work or if you aren’t big on dressing up for the holiday.

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts

With these cut files from Liz on Call the possibilities are endless! Make them smaller for cupcake toppers, use them on cards, or make them larger than life for fun wall or table décor.

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts

Having a Halloween party this weekend? These bat napkin rings from Creativities Galore and this spider serving bowl from Laura’s Crafty Life will make any table festive, and just take a few minutes to create.

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts
10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts

The best part about Halloween? The snacks! With your Cricut Explore or Maker you can customize sweet treats in no time. Check out these witch cupcake toppers from 100 Directions and these purple people eater treats from I Love My Disorganized Life!

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts
10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts

Have a fun and festive Halloween – can’t wait to see what you create! Oh, if you want one more bonus last minute Halloween project, then check out my own Last Minute Halloween Home Décor with Cricut!

10 Last Minute Halloween Projects with Cricut - Kingston Crafts
10 last minute Halloween projects with Cricut

Last Minute Halloween Home Decor with Cricut

Yup. I know Halloween is tomorrow. Some people (Don Kingston) would call this procrastination...I call it living in the moment! I put up my Fall/Halloween mantle a few days ago but it felt like something was missing. In less than 20 minutes with my Cricut Explore Air and some black vinyl I was able to add a little extra flair just in time for the Halloween festivities!

Cricut Explore Air
Cricut 12x24 mat
black vinyl
transfer tape
scotch tape

In Cricut Design Space, arrange the bat images to fit on your 12x24 mat. I've saved mine to Design Space and you can find it here:

Cut it out with black vinyl and peel off/weed the excess vinyl. Before you remove the bats from the mat cover the entire surface with transfer tape. I have no idea what I was using that black pen for. :)

Use your scissors to "rough cut" the bats/transfer tape in to individual images. When I'm doing big projects like this I don't get super wrapped up in getting all of the bubbles out of my transfer tape - as you can tell!

Use scotch tape to arrange the bats where you think you want them on your wall so you can step back and make sure you like how they look. 

Two things. One...if that wooden box looks familiar it is because you saw it earlier this month when I did a quick video tutorial on how to make it! Two...I must REALLY love you guys to let Don take a picture of my butt so you can see an "in process" shot.

To apply each bat, gently peel away the backing (while the bat is still attached to the wall) and then use your scraper to apply. I really think it made a huge difference, and it seriously took less than 20 minutes!

Teal Pumpkin Project - FREE Printable

Teal Pumpkin Project - FREE Printable

The national Teal Pumpkin Project was started by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) in 2014 to promote the inclusion of kids with food allergies in trick-or-treating. By offering non-food treats and displaying a teal pumpkin or a printable sign, households are making a safer, happier Halloween for kids around the country. As the Aunt and Uncle to a nephew with severe food allergies this is something Don and I love and participate in, but OF COURSE I can't be satisfied with a standard sign - I had to make one. And you can too! {FTC disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

teal pumpkin from Michaels
pen or pencil
craft knife
paper straw
free printable - click here to download
Xyron Creative Station Lite with 5" Permanent Adhesive refill
black cardstock
hot glue gun
assorted ribbon

Determine where you want to place your straw, then trace around it with a pen or pencil.

Teal Pumpkin-1.jpg

Use a craft knife to cut out a hole INSIDE the circle, so the straw will fit tightly. Don't worry if it doesn't look great...you're going to cover it with ribbon later.

Print out the printable (there are two sayings per sheet just in case), then trim and run one through the Creative Station Lite.

Press one end of the straw together until it is flat.

Trim the black cardstock a little bit bigger than the printable, lay the straw on top, and adhere the printable. The adhesive will hold the straw in place.

Insert the straw/sign in to the hole on the pumpkin and use the hot glue gun to adhere it in to place.

Tie assorted pieces of ribbon to the base.

Now you're ready for every little trick-or-treater that comes by this Halloween!

Looking for more free holiday printables? Check out a few of our favorites!

Rice Krispie Treat Poop - and other Gross (but Delicious) Halloween Treats

Yep! This is happening. I made these for a Halloween party and was so giddy about it (see video below) that I wanted to share the recipe and the hilarity - your kids will LOVE to help you make these and LOVE to help you eat them even more! Seriously. They are delicious. I almost didn't have enough to take these photos because I kept eating them. Soooooooo good.

6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
3T butter
1 pkg (10oz) mini marshmallows
1 pkg (12 oz) semisweet chocolate chips
2T shortening (I use Crisco Baking Sticks because they are easy to measure out)
OPTIONAL: candy corn - if you want to get REAL gross

Make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats - do NOT press them in to a pan.

While Rice Krispie Treats are still warm divide them in to 3-4 sections and roll them out in to oblong "tubes". Or...ummm...poop. There are several ways to do this - you can press the treats on to a piece of wax paper then roll and lengthen the "tube", or you can roll it between your hands. Like we used to do with playdoh back in the day!

Shape the tubes in to whatever "poops" your little heart desires and let cool. I made piles and individual pieces. Aannnnnnddd...this is officially the weirdest blog post I've ever written. :)

Put chocolate chips and shortening in a glass bowl. Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring each time, until just melted.

Dip each "poop" in to the chocolate until covered. I used a slotted spatula to lower the pieces in to the chocolate and and then spooned the chocolate on top until covered.

Set on wax paper and refrigerate to set.

If you want to get really gross - while the "poop" is still warm use a knife to cut off the yellow sections of the candy corn and press in to the chocolate. Get it? Its corn. In poop. I can't make this stuff up!

Looking for some other gross Halloween snack ideas? Lay your eyes on these beauties! WARNING: Some of these are grosser than rice krispie treat poop. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

 Shrimp Cocktail Brain from  Martha Stewart

Shrimp Cocktail Brain from Martha Stewart

 Vampire Blood Lollipops from  Instructables

Vampire Blood Lollipops from Instructables

 Puff Pastry Intestines from  Fabulessly Frugal

Puff Pastry Intestines from Fabulessly Frugal

 Dirty Earwax Q-Tips from  She Saved

Dirty Earwax Q-Tips from She Saved

 Stuffed Cockroaches from  Nerdy Mamma

Stuffed Cockroaches from Nerdy Mamma

 Jellied Eyeballs (non alcoholic) from  Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

Jellied Eyeballs (non alcoholic) from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

Cricut + Xyron = Easy Halloween Home Decor

Home Decor with Cricut Explore - ha!  I rhyme.  ;) I got out my Halloween decorations this weekend and just pulled these out of the box...so I'm bringing them back to the blog as a quick and easy decor idea. These framed beauties took me less than 20 minutes to make - and I made a video last year to show you how its done!

black photo frames
patterned paper or old book paper
black cardstock
Cricut Explore Air
Xyron Creative Station - item shown in video is our older 5" Creative Station
Xyron Mega Runner

You can use any Cricut images you like - all of the images I used are included in the Cricut Access subscription (or can be purchased individually for .99 each):

Happy Halloween text - A Frightful Affair
Bats - Teresa Collins Chic & Scary
Witch - Celebrate with Flourish