DIY Valentine's Day Garland


I wanna be that cool chick who decorates my mantel for every holiday - but Valentine's Day always had me stumped. Until I came across some heart shaped cards from Michaels! I grabbed a few packs, turned on my Cricut Maker, and in less than 15 minutes I had a DIY Valentine's Day garland that I'm proud to display! {FTC disclaimer: I received the Cricut for free but this post is mine all mine! This post contains affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

I'm also thrilled to be joining 43 other makers to celebrate Valentine's Day with some DIY projects - I'm sharing all of them at the end of this post so be prepared to be inspired!

Heart Cards and Envelopes (I got mine from Michaels)
Cricut machine - I used the Maker but this could be done with any of the Explore machines as well!
Xyron Mega Runner
white glitter cardstock (not pictured)
foam dots (not pictured)


Open the card and lay the twine across the fold.

Use your Mega Runner to apply some adhesive at the top of the heart and at the bottom.

Fold the card closed.

Cut your XO images from glitter cardstock. I used this file in Design Space.

Add foam tape to the back of each letter and adhere.


And voila! Need more inspiration? Check out all these great project ideas!

Quick Christmas Coaster Garland

Coaster Garland-44.jpg

With your Xyron Creative Station and some $1 coasters (thanks Target Dollar Spot!) you can create this fun and festive garland in just a few minutes! {FTC disclaimer: I received some of this product free of charge. This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

disposable coasters
Xyron Creative Station or Creative Station Lite

Coaster Garland-3.jpg

Separate the coasters in to two piles. Run one pile through your Xyron machine and remove the clear film.

Take the second pile of coasters and lay them pattern side down on your work surface.

Lay the twine across the center of the coasters (leaving a "tail" on each end), then peel the adhesive coasters from the Xyron backing one at a time and match/adhere them to the non-adhesive coasters.

Hang and enjoy! This would also be a fun and easy project to do with the kids!

Coaster Garland-17.jpg

Easy No Sew Paper Garland


I will put a garland on anything that isn't nailed down. Including my Heidi Swapp letterboard and especially because these garlands are SO easy to make! Just a few scraps of paper and your Xyron Sticker Maker and you are ready to go! {FTC Disclaimer - this post contains affiliate links so I might make a few pennies if you buy something.} 


patterned paper (I used the Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid Fall collection)
Xyron Sticker Maker


Trim paper to desired length and width (length should be about twice width). I wanted a tiny garland so cut the paper to 1.25 x 3. Fold each piece in half and then unfold. Cut twine to desired length.


Run each piece patterned side up through your Xyron Sticker Maker.

Peel paper from backing, place twine in the crease of the paper, and fold over. The paper will adhere to itself. Use your scissors to cut a notch in the paper to create a banner. Repeat until the garland is the desired length.


Clearly we love "no-sew" projects around here - check out another fun paper garland idea!

Easy Patterned Paper Wreath

With just a few sheets of patterned paper and those "leftover" embellishments we never know what to do with you can create a fun and easy wreath that is perfect for any season!

styrofoam wreath
Xyron Creative Station with Permanent Refill
3-4 sheets coordinating patterned paper (I used the Jillibean Soup Chit Chat Chowder collection)
coordinating embellishments
trimmer (I tried this Swingline Guillotine Trimmer - see below)
assorted adhesive

{FTC Disclaimer - this project and these opinions are mine all mine! I received some items used in this post free of charge, and this post does contain affiliate I may make a few pennies if you buy something.}

Cut patterned paper in to 22-24 1.5”x12” strips. *As you may know, Xyron was recently purchased by Acco Brands, which owns a bunch of office supply companies - including Swingline. They sent me a guillotine trimmer which was perfect for this project because I was able to cut three sheets of patterned paper at a time! Gotta love a time saver!*

Run multiple strips side by side through the Creative Station (note: the pattern you want to see on the wreath is the pattern that should be facing up when you put it through the machine).

One at a time, remove the strips from the backing and loosely loop around the foam wreath.  Line up the ends and press them together BEFORE pressing the rest of the strip to itself.  The adhesive will hold the strip to the wreath.

Repeat with remaining strips, slightly overlapping each strip at the base (the part that touches the wreath). 

Once the wreath is completely covered, trim the edges of each strip at a "V" - aka banner cut, fishtail, dovetail, notch, etc. TIP: cut up the middle of the paper, then cut in at each side to make the V cut.

Embellish as desired!

This is a great project for a girls' night - let your friends go through your stash of paper and embellishments to create a wreath they love!

Custom Gift Wrap with Michaels Story Sticky Notes

With just a few supplies and these DARLING Story Sticky Notes from Michaels (you get 100+ notes per pack for only $3.00!) you can create customized gift wrap in no time. {FTC Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

Michaels Story Sticky Notes (they have a ton of fun assorted styles!)
Xyron Sticker Makers (I used the 1.5" and the 3")
wrapping paper
anything else you've got laying around! I used a uni-ball signo white pen and some alphabet stickers

Check out this quick tutorial and then get out your gift wrap and start decorating! This is also a great project to do with the kiddos!

Looking for more great custom gift wrapping ideas? Check out these fun projects!

Michaels Bunny Banner Tutorial

Last week I hosted my first Facebook Live tutorial - and in addition to sharing a glass of wine with everybody we created this fun (and easy) Bunny Banner using a few supplies from Michaels and a Xyron Creative Station! I've shared the video below and am including the supply list and a written tutorial here. The best part about this? You can take these same techniques and create a banner for any theme! {FTC Disclaimer: there are some affiliate links in this blog post - which means I might make a few pennies if you buy something!}

Michaels Bunny Banner

Join us for our Michaels Stores Bunny Banner Tutorial - just in time for Easter!

Posted by Beth Kingston - Kingston Crafts on Thursday, April 6, 2017

one package of foam bunny shapes from Michaels - there are so many great colors in the pack this year!
one multipack of 1.5" pom poms from Michaels  - two different color choices available
Xyron Creative Station with 9" Permanent Refill
two yards of ribbon
liquid adhesive

Divide package of foam bunnies in to two equal piles - making sure there are the same number of each color of bunnies in each pile.

Run one pile through the Xyron Creative Station. Set aside.

On your work area lay the bunnies out about 2" apart.

Lay the ribbon on top of the bunnies across the ears. Make sure you've left a 6-8" "tail" of ribbon on both ends of the banner.

Peel the Xyron adhered bunnies off one at a time and match them to the same color bunny, then press to adhere. Repeat until the banner is finished.

Use liquid adhesive to adhere a pom pom to each bunny and allow to dry.

Need some other ideas for your Easter festivities? Check out these fun projects!

FREE Easter Printables and How to Adhere Them (as seen on HSN)!

If you've seen me on HSN recently you know how much I love printables. They are everywhere and everything these days - and with just a pair of scissors and some Xyron adhesive it is SO easy to create fun and fast projects for the holidays. BUT...there are lots of printables that aren't free, or require you to sign over your first child to be able to access. Who has time for that? So I've compiled a list of free, fun and easy to access printables from around the interwebs just in time for Easter. You'll find the links to each project below - and I've saved these (and a bunch of other fun ideas) on my Easter and Spring Pinterest board for even more inspiration!

Not familiar with printables? They are downloadable images (or sheets of images) that you print out on your computer, cut or punch out, then add to your projects. Today is the day you're gonna get hooked! :)

All of these are projects I've put together on HSN - check out the end of the blog post and I'll tell you which Xyron adhesive I used for which project. And if you live in the local Bowling Green, KY area I'll be sharing a few of these projects on WBKO at Midday on Thursday!

Tip - for the bunny bubble gum DO NOT download the image, simply go to the 2nd page and click on the picture of the printables and you can print them out that way.

Some Bunny Loves You Tags from Reasons to Skip the Housework

Some Bunny Loves You Tags from Reasons to Skip the Housework

For the bunny bubble gum, daffodil cups, butterfly favors and easter bunny tin (I used a paper cup instead of a tin) I used the Xyron Mega Runner. This work horse is a staple in our house - I have one in my craft room and one in our kitchen! It comes with 100' of dot matrix adhesive and is perfect for small projects like these.

xyron mega runner

For the treat bag toppers, paper tulips and the some bunny loves you tags (which I put on packages of Peeps) I used the Xyron Creative Station Lite. This beauty turns anything up to 5" wide in to a sticker! It has a million uses and a variety of refills available and I use it

For the Hershey's Kiss bottoms I used the one and only 1.5" Sticker Maker! This is probably the Xyron tool most people are familiar with. It also turns everything in to a sticker (up to 1.5" across) and is AMAZING for kids crafts, tiny embellishments, ribbon and SO MUCH MORE. Love this so hard!

Already got a Xyron machine but don't know how to use it? Or looking for tips and tricks and project ideas? The Xyron YouTube Channel has TONS of videos to help you make the most of your tools. Enjoy - and Happy Easter!

How about even more free printables??

Maya Road Signed Sealed Delivered Kit

Those of you who were around for "the good old days" of scrapbooking probably know Maya Road. A family owned company that has been around for almost 15 years - we became friends when our booths kept ending up near each other at consumer shows across the country - remember those? Gaaaaaaahhh!!! The industry may have changed but Maya Road's creativity and the quality and uniqueness of their products continue to be amazing. They've just launched a new website and sent me one of their card making kits to celebrate - so I made everything BUT cards with it! Well ok - I made two cards - and you know what? I loved it! Today I'm sharing instructions for SIX projects I made with the kit goodies, and there were PLENTY of leftovers for more! {FTC disclaimer: I did receive this kit for free, but the projects are mine all mine! This post also has some affiliate links - so I might make a few pennies if you buy something!}

Layered Border Card
items from kit:
patterned paper
yellow pom pom trim
blue ribbon
small kraft clock
white lace
thinking of you stamp
additional items:
black ink pad
acrylic block
double sided tape
foam tape
die cutting machine and border dies (I used Diamond Press)

Cut assorted strips of patterned paper and run some through border dies.

Stamp thinking of you image on to patterned paper and trim – leaving small border.

Apply double sided tape about 1” from the bottom of the card and adhere pom pom trim. Cut off excess.

Use foam tape and double sided tape to layer strips, blue ribbon and borders to card front.

Adhere kraft clock, small piece of white lace and stamped image as desired.

Mini Pallet
items from kit:
patterned paper
blue flowers
yellow pom pom trim
crystal heart
burlap flower
flower pin
small kraft clock
additional items:
4x4 mini pallet (Maya Road now carries 6x6)
strong adhesive (I used Xyron 3” Sticker Maker)
die cutting machine and hello die (I used Diamond Press)
Stickles (I used yellow)

Cut paper in to 7/8” x 4 1/16” strips and adhere to mini pallet.

Cut hello die and set aside.

Trim flowers from stem and set aside.

Put adhesive on either side of kraft clock. Starting on the outer edge, wrap yellow trim around clock in a circle until it is filled in. Trim excess and adhere crystal heart to center.

Apply flowers, pin and hello to pallet as desired.

Outline visible portions of patterned paper with Stickles and let dry.

Sending Sweet Wishes Card
items from kit:
patterned paper
large kraft clock
typewriter pin
sending sweet wishes stamp
additional items:
black ink pad
acrylic block
white pen
black cardstock
die cutting machine (I used Cricut Explore Air)
acrylic paint (I used FolkArt Aviary Blue)

Cut intricate lace image and adhere to top of card.

String twine through two tags and tie in a bow. Add adhesive to back of both tags and adhere to card – off set to one side. Trim excess tag.

Doodle around edges of tags with white pen.

Stamp sweet wishes image on to patterned paper and trim – leaving small border.

Adhere kraft clock, small piece of lace, stamped image, typewriter pin and silhouette as desired.

Floral Frame
items from kit:
patterned paper
pink flower
tulle flower
wood hearts
additional items:
frame with glass removed (check out this blog post for how I created the distressed pink glitter look with Rust-Oleum Glitter Spray Paint)
acrylic paint (I used FolkArt Baby Pink)
pearl embellishments

Paint small heart and set aside to dry.

Put adhesive on larger heart and apply patterned paper, then trim to fit.

Trim patterned paper to fit frame and add to frame – do not replace the glass.

Adhere pink flower, tulle flower and both hearts as desired.

Bottle Cap Magnet
items from kit:
heart bottle cap
patterned paper
small kraft clock
blue flower
additional items:
acrylic paint (I used FolkArt Aviary Blue and Baby Pink)
magnet strips (I used Xyron Magnet Tape)
pearl embellishments

Paint two silhouettes (paint so they will be facing each other) and set aside to dry.

Snip blue flower from stem and set aside.

Use back of bottlecap to loosely trace heart outline and cut from patterned paper, then continue to trim until it fits inside bottlecap.

Adhere heart to bottlecap, then layer small kraft clock and small piece of lace on top.

Adhere silhouettes, then add flower and pearls as desired.

Add magnet strips to the back of the bottlecap.

Chipboard Heart Ornament
items from kit:
patterned paper
blue ribbon
medium kraft clock
burlap flower
metal clip
scalloped frame
additional items:
acrylic paint (I used FolkArt Color Shift in Blue Flash)
die cutting machine (I used Cricut Explore Air)
strong adhesive (I used Xyron Creative Station Lite)
liquid adhesive (I used Glossy Accents)

Cut ¾” x 1” oval from patterned paper and adhere to scalloped frame. Fill with liquid adhesive and set aside to dry.

Paint silhouette and set aside to dry.

Cut four 5” hearts from chipboard and apply adhesive to one side of each.

With adhesive side facing up, layer two hearts, then apply tulle around second heart.

Add third heart (adhesive facing up).

Adhere fourth heart to back of patterned paper and trim to fit, then apply to third heart.

Punch holes in top of heart and add blue ribbon to create hanger.

Layer kraft clock, burlap flower, metal clip, scalloped frame and silhouette as desired.

Gift Idea for Him - Infused Bourbon with DIY Tag

Looking for a last-minute gift idea for the men in your life (besides some Paper Hatchet cards - wink wink)? You've still got time to make a delicious apple and cinnamon infused bourbon! The best part? Besides the fact that it is bourbon? We've hacked a printable tag from Southern Living so you can use regular mason jars instead of needing to buy special bottles.

You just need a few ingredients:
1 chopped apple (we used honeycrisp)
2 cinnamon sticks
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 (750-milliliter) bottle bourbon
1/4 cup simple syrup (which is just water and sugar - you can make your own)
8 oz mason jars (this recipe will fill three with a little left over - you can always use bigger jars!)

Follow this easy recipe and let your concoction sit at room temperature for four days, then pour in to the mason jars and seal. Then you are ready to make your tag! {FTC Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post of my own free will. ;) There are some affiliate links included which means I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

The Southern Living tags required smooth jars to adhere to - we've made a tag you can tie on to any size/shape jar with just a few quick changes.

Southern Living free printable tags (you get four of the apple/cinammon tags)
trimmer (I am OBSESSED with my Fiskars Rotary Trimmer. OBSESSED. I rambled on about it on FB just this morning!)
Xyron 1 1/2" Sticker Maker
patterned paper (we used a wood pattern)
crop-a-dile or hole punch

Print tags and trim 1 5/8" of the right edge of the entire page, then trim tags on the cut lines and make a pennant cut on the other end of each tag

Run all of the tags (printed side up) through your Xyron Sticker Maker.

Cut patterned paper in to 1 3/8" x 4 1/4" strips, then center tags on to patterned paper and make a pennant cut on one end to match the shape of the tag. 

Punch a hole on the flat edge of the tag, string through twine and wrap around the lid of the mason jar, then tie to secure.

This is a great gift idea for friends, neighbors, coworkers - and would also make a great Father's Day or birthday gift for that hard to buy for man in your life. Happy bourbon infusing and Merry Christmas!

Teal Pumpkin Project - FREE Printable

Teal Pumpkin Project - FREE Printable

The national Teal Pumpkin Project was started by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) in 2014 to promote the inclusion of kids with food allergies in trick-or-treating. By offering non-food treats and displaying a teal pumpkin or a printable sign, households are making a safer, happier Halloween for kids around the country. As the Aunt and Uncle to a nephew with severe food allergies this is something Don and I love and participate in, but OF COURSE I can't be satisfied with a standard sign - I had to make one. And you can too! {FTC disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

teal pumpkin from Michaels
pen or pencil
craft knife
paper straw
free printable - click here to download
Xyron Creative Station Lite with 5" Permanent Adhesive refill
black cardstock
hot glue gun
assorted ribbon

Determine where you want to place your straw, then trace around it with a pen or pencil.

Teal Pumpkin-1.jpg

Use a craft knife to cut out a hole INSIDE the circle, so the straw will fit tightly. Don't worry if it doesn't look're going to cover it with ribbon later.

Print out the printable (there are two sayings per sheet just in case), then trim and run one through the Creative Station Lite.

Press one end of the straw together until it is flat.

Trim the black cardstock a little bit bigger than the printable, lay the straw on top, and adhere the printable. The adhesive will hold the straw in place.

Insert the straw/sign in to the hole on the pumpkin and use the hot glue gun to adhere it in to place.

Tie assorted pieces of ribbon to the base.

Now you're ready for every little trick-or-treater that comes by this Halloween!

Looking for more free holiday printables? Check out a few of our favorites!