Easy Fall Home Decor Tutorial

I'm a pumpkin hoarder. There. I said it. I buy every cute pumpkin I see - and we won't even talk about the "after Thanksgiving" Fall decor sales. So what do I do with my pumpkin bonanza? Now that I'm home from my whirlwind world travels I'm ready to nestle in and get our home ready for my FAVORITE season...so I put together a quick video (complete with help from a nosey great dane) to show you how I used an antique box to create a piece of home decor that uses what you already have around the house and can be customized to any theme! 

large box or tub
sheets, old newspaper, etc - to stuff inside the box
assorted pumpkins in a variety of sizes - mine are from Hobby Lobby and Michaels
assorted floral picks

Separate pumpkins in to piles by size.

Stuff box/tub "overfull" with sheets or newspapers - the weight of the pumpkins will flatten the stuffing as you work.

Arrange the pumpkins in the box/tub, starting with the largest pumpkins. Add the medium pumpkins, then the smallest pumpkins, then the floral picks to fill in any empty spaces.

This would also work with smaller containers/pumpkins for a table centerpiece...and you can also do this with Christmas decorations later in the year! Let the holiday decorating begin! :)