Cricut Craft Cart from Origami

This post first appeared over at HSN's The Buzz where I am a contributor. Who wouldn't love to be a little more organized AND look cute? If you are new to Cricut, or are a long time user but need to organize your supplies, then this Cricut Craft Cart from Origami is gonna rock your world.

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I love Cricut supplies. There. I said it. I usually have them spread all over my craft room but when I laid my eyes on this Origami cart I knew it would be perfect for creating my own Cricut Craft Cart. I couldn't believe how beautifully everything fit! {FTC Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission on purchases without any cost to you.}


You could use this cart for sewing storage, office supplies, toys, the possibilities are endless! I loved this one so much I bought a second and created a gift wrapping station!



The cart was so easy to assemble – it took me less than five minutes and everything I needed was in the box when it arrived.

1. Remove cart from the box. The cart is so sturdy when it is put together, but is remarkably lightweight!

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

2. Add the wheels to the base of the cart using the little tool that comes included.

3. Pull the sides apart.

4. Press down on the base until it flattens. Go ahead – use your foot. The shelves are made of metal!

5. Lift the edge of the shelf and swing in to place.

6. Add the shelves and then insert the tabs to hold the shelves in to place.

Origami Craft Cart Organizer - Kingston Crafts

And voila! You’re ready to get organized!

The cart has six drawers and two shelves, which means I had lots of room to store not only supplies, but tools too! It has freed up a ton of space in my craft room and keeps all of my Cricut supplies in one spot which saves me a ton of time when I am ready to work on projects.

The sturdy top shelf is the perfect fit for my Cricut Maker, and the wheels mean I can leave the cart against the wall when I’m not using it, and then easily pull it away from the wall when I’m ready to work.

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

Of course I can’t craft without my cardstock! I took my some of favorite organization supplies - these Totally Tiffany Storage Boxes - and turned them on their side for compact and easy to access paper storage.

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

My favorite place to shop is my house! Had this mug in my kitchen and it was exactly what I needed to store my pens. Looks pretty darn cute too!

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

I can’t be the only one who can’t keep track of cords and instruction manuals – so I used the top drawer to hold the cords and instructions to all of my Cricut machines and tools. I even had room to store my BrightPad along with it.

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts

The next three drawers now hold a ton of my supplies. All that specialty material I had store a bunch of different places? Now tucked away neatly in a drawer. My vinyl and iron on? The rolls fit perfectly!

If you haven’t already heard, Cricut’s newest machine (the Maker) cuts fabric! This is where I was really struggling. I had no idea how or where to store it but couldn’t stop buying it – I mean…it is all so cute! Thanks to the two deep drawers at the bottom of the cart not only was I able to organize and store my fabric stash, I could also fit my EasyPress so I have it at the ready.

Origami Cart Craft Organizer - Kingston Crafts


Origami Gift Wrapping Station