Pinterest Pantry - First Edition

They say you should write about what you love. I am THE luckiest girl in the world because I love what I do for a living and crafting is my life, but my real love is food. I love to buy it, I love to talk about it, I love to make it, I love to eat it. I research it, I pin the heck out of it, I plan road trips around it, and I will eat just about any of it. I like easy and (mostly) healthy cooking at home, and Don and I try at least three new recipes a week. Did I mention we love food? So I'm kicking off a new feature on the blog - Pinterest Pantry! Twice a month I will share some of the recipes we've tried and link to them on Pinterest. We'll talk about taste, healthiness (is that a word?), difficulty and things we'd do different. We hope you'll join us - and we hope you'll find a few recipes to add to your menu!


We've been overindulging a bit lately (see my Cadbury Mini Egg problem at the end of this post) so I found this recipe from Laa Loosh one afternoon when I was desperate for something SUPER healthy. Honestly - I didn't even pin it because I thought I would hate it. SURPRISE! We made it two days in a row - the first time to have for dinner and the second time for Don to take to work as leftovers for a few days.

HOW HEALTHY: SO HEALTHY!! This is a Weight Watchers recipe and each serving is only 2 points. High in protein, low in sugar and carbs.
DIFFICULTY: SO easy - especially once we made two slight changes in the recipe (below).
RECIPE CHANGES:  Instead of shredding our own cabbage (no thank you) we just bought a bag of pre-shredded cole slaw mix when we were picking up our broccoli slaw. The second time we made it Kroger was out of broccoli slaw so we just doubled the cole slaw mix and it was still delicious! We use squeeze ginger instead of grating it (again - no thank you), and we also used ground turkey instead of chicken just because we already had it on hand.


Keeping with the "clean eating" theme - when Kroger had broccoli crowns on sale I found this recipe from A Spicy Perspective and thought it would be the perfect easy and healthy side dish. And I was right!

HOW HEALTHY: VERY healthy. Gluten free, low carb, vegetarian.
DIFFICULTY: RIDICULOUSLY easy - especially if you use broccoli crowns. Less cutting!
RECIPE CHANGES:  Don likes his veggies "mushier", I like them crispier, so when the cooking time was done we took half of the broccoli off the baking pan and put the rest back in for another few minutes to make it a little extra crispy for me.


The photo is horrible - but the crab legs? AMAZING! Our Kroger fairly often has crab legs on sale - so when they do we stock up and treat ourselves with a date night "in" rather than going out. This recipe from makes it a one-pan meal, and we literally take the pan out of the oven, cover our kitchen island in towels, and eat straight out of the pan soaking up the buttery juices with the meat as we go.

HOW HEALTHY: well...crab meat is pretty healthy, but are baking it in butter.
RECIPE CHANGES:  Rather than using fresh garlic we use minced garlic, and lots of it. Makes the recipe even easier!


Rather than try to explain what happened when we made this recipe I'm just gonna leave this little video from my Instagram Stories riiiiiiiiiiight here. They were damn tasty though. They had that going for them!

GRADE: B+ (total failure appearance wise - but they are rice krispie treats. how bad could they be?)
HOW HEALTHY: Again. Rice Krispie Treats.
DIFFICULTY: You know it's time to give up when you are bested by a dessert that has been around a hundred years.
RECIPE CHANGES:  Ummm...pretty much all of it.

LOADED WEDGE SALAD (aka How to Make Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing)

I pinned this one night looking for a great "healthy" salad recipe - and instead uncovered a homemade blue cheese dressing from Tasting Table that is SO easy and amazing that I've made this THREE TIMES in the past two weeks.

HOW HEALTHY: Don't do what I did and drench your salad in the dressing, and you'll be ok. Also take note of the recipe changes below.
DIFFICULTY: VERY easy - the hardest part is dicing and cooking the scallions and that takes five minutes
RECIPE CHANGES:  We cut WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY back on the oil for cooking the shallots, we used three (3) tablespoons (instead of one cup) and that was PLENTY. We omitted the green onions altogether, and just added the Tarragon and the olive oil right in to the dressing rather than putting it on the salad at the end. AND - we actually cut the blue cheese in half - from 4oz to 2oz.



This isn't a Pinterest recipe - but it IS food, and IS the reason why I have been frantically looking for healthy recipes. HAVE YOU TRIED THESE????? If you love Cadbury Mini Eggs and you love Oreos then you MUST GET THESE IN YOUR MOUTH ASAP!!! Here is where I admit something I don't tell many people...I don't really like chocolate. I don't HATE it, but generally I can take it or leave it. I ate an ENTIRE BAG of these. For BREAKFAST. That is what is happening around here. This Chocolate Crunch & Creme version is available exclusively in store at Target - I mean, you CAN get them for $12 a bag on Amazon, but we're not QUITE there yet.