Practical Uses for Cricut Vinyl

I love vinyl. There. I've said it. 

I didn't always love vinyl...I thought it was a fun "specialty" item and used it for a few decorative projects here and there, but it wasn't one of my go-to tools when working on home decor items or practical needs around the house.  That all changed when we moved to Kentucky this summer!

It started innocently enough when I kept confusing my recycling bin with my trash can in my studio. In just a few minutes (no kidding - it was less than five minutes from thinking about it to finishing it) I was able to find a recycling image in Cricut Design Space, cut it out of white vinyl, weed it and apply it to the can.

I know this will shock you - but I get a LOT of packages. :) And the front porch of our new house doesn't have a roof. You can see where I'm going with this. After losing a big box of patterned paper to a rainstorm {gaaaacckkkk} we bought a big storage box and set it on the front porch. Apparently that was too subtle - so one pair of leather boots (did you know that soaked leather smells a lot like wet dog? you're welcome) later I got out my 12x24 Cricut mat and some cocoa vinyl and created this handy sign...again in just minutes!

Then I did a White Walls Wednesday feature of Wilow Leaf Inspired and saw a darling "hello" on her front door.  I mean - I just HAD to add that...right?

Gold Vinyl. GOLD. Sooooooooo good.

You know when you are trying to shoot some in-progress photos but you have two giant dogs who really really love you? Yup. Me too.

Then there is our kitchen.  It is...ummm...a challenge. Painting isn't really an option and the colors are weird (coughcoughdon'tmatchcoughcough) and our options were limited but I wanted to do something - and this caught my eye on Pinterest. I grabbed a bunch of black vinyl and less than thirty minutes later I had a fun feature wall that manages to bring together all of the kitchen colors and capture a little bit of our personality at the same time.  I used the "insert shapes" feature in Cricut Design Space to create and size the circles and guys. It was SO EASY.

So get out your vinyl and get crafty - I can't wait to see what you create!