See Your Projects on HSN! Submission Opportunity

Do you see all those beautiful projects on HSN and wonder how they were selected? Have you ever wanted to see your own projects on air? Well...Xyron is looking for some fresh new projects for my HSN displays and THEY WANT YOU! For the first time ever Xyron is allowing their friends and fans to submit projects to be purchased for and featured on HSN - and I've got all the information you need to submit your projects for consideration.

A variety of projects from cards to home decor to party projects to gift ideas and more. If you've made it with Xyron, we want to see it! We are NOT currently looking for any holiday projects - but baby, wedding, birthday or other "themed" projects would be welcome.

This is open to US residents ONLY. Sorry international folks - as much as we'd love to include you the cost and time to receive items from overseas just won't work for our timeline/budget.

Please send all submissions to

Information for each project must include: type of project (card, layout, home decor piece, etc), general size of the project (is it a 2x3 gift tag or is it a 12" piece of wall decor, etc), a photo of the project (at least 150kb), and what price you would charge to sell it to Xyron. If your project is posted to a blog/website you are welcome to include a link, but that is not required.

We would love to share ALL of the projects on our Xyron Facebook page and/or other social media so everyone can see your talent! We will create a project album to post on FB at the end of April/early May - if you do NOT want your project to be included please tell us when you submit your email.

You can include multiple projects per email but you cannot have multiple projects per photo. For example - if you are submitting six cards you must take six individudal photos, you cannot send one photo with six cards in it.

There is no limit to the number of projects/emails you can submit.

You do NOT have to create new projects. You are welcome to submit projects you've already done. This is a great way to make some space in your craft room if you've got too many finished projects sitting around!  :)

When pricing your project do not include shipping costs. We will reimburse you for shipping costs on top of the project cost.

You WILL receive a confirmation that we have received your email - but it will not be automatic. It will be within 24 hours of receipt.

Deadline to submit emails is Monday, April 10th. Those selected will be notified by email on or before April 13th.

If selected, you will be provided with information about how/where to ship your items, and you will be paid via PayPal once your projects are received. You MUST be willing/able to accept PayPal as your payment method. All projects received will become property of Xyron to do with as they choose and payment does not guarantee that your projects will be shown on air.

If you'd like to get a better idea of how we display projects on HSN go to the Xyron home page on HSN, select any item, and look beneath the large photo for a video that says "live presentation". You'll see my smiling face in action and also get an idea of how the projects are featured on air.

Please feel free to post here if you have any questions. We can't wait to see what you've created!