Trash to Treasure: Turn an Ashtray in to a Side Table!

trash to treasure-.png

We love a good flea market find - and this might be our favorite/most practical yet! We found this old metal ashtray for $5 and it sat in our garage for a looooooong time. In fact, it went from our garage in Washington State to our garage in Kentucky before we found a use for it - as a side table in our guest room!

rustoleum side table-1.jpg

We removed the lid, hosed it off to remove the dirt and dust, and we were ready to paint. Note - if you find something with lots of rust give it a quick sanding before you start the painting process.

rustoleum side table-2.jpg

This Rust-oleum Universal is pretty darn amazing. No priming and the paint goes on thick, smooth and easy. We did two coats and it was fully covered! We used Satin Nickel but it comes in a TON of colors and finishes.

rustoleum side table-3.jpg

Our last (and hardest) step was finding the glass top! We ended up buying ours on Amazon, but they are also available at Walmart and a variety of other retailers in a bunch of sizes so you can find exactly what you need for your project. Adhere it to your table with clear Gorilla Glue and voila - you've got a side table!

trash to treasure-.png

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