Trash to Treasure: Yard Sale Pinata to Fun Home Decor!

Yes - I know it is Fall. But I also know it is 90 degrees outside AND I found this amazing pinata at a yard sale so I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF!!! Check out how I created this fun wall hanging in just a few minutes with my Cricut and Xyron machines. {FTC disclaimer: I received these machines for free, but was not paid to write this post. This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a few pennies (at no cost to you) if you buy something!}

pinata ($3 at a yard sale thank yeeewwwww very much!)
Cricut Explore or Maker
glitter cardstock
patterned paper
Xyron machine - I used the Creatopia (see notes below)
white pen - I used Bic Wite Out
assorted embellishments

Measure across the pinata, then size the phrase and circle to fit and cut using your Cricut.

Doodle around the outer edge of the circle. If you - like me - do not have a steady hand, go around the circle several times with the pen. It looks like you meant the lines to be "artsy"!

Run the circle and the phrase through your Xyron. I used the Creatopia because of the size of the project - it was a limited edition machine that does 12" across. If you ever see one for sale - GET IT! They still make refills for it but the machines are not available at retail. The size is PERFECT for large projects or doing multiple projects at once.

Adhere circle to the BACK of the pinata (the stickers on the front were too big and I couldn't get them off without ruining the surface), then add the phrase and your embellishments. 

Hang that baby and enjoy the sunshine!