I am just incredibly, incredibly lucky to be allowed to ramble on about crafting on a variety of media outlets. Check out the videos below to see some of my most recent craziness!

Recognize the voice on some of the Cricut Explore Design Space videos?  It's meeeeeeeee!!!  Creepy right?  :)

As part of their #CricutEverywhere campaign - I was SO fortunate to record a series of videos about my creative process, what inspires me, and what I love about my Explore.

I am also the host of Xyron's Inspiration in Motion and Inspiration Station video series. Head to their youtube page for more Beth Kingston than you can stand!

Annnndddddd...we decided we might as well get on with it and start our own youtube page as well.  It is just getting off the ground but you never know where that will take us!